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Product FAQs 🌱

Find out more information about the products we offer.


🍫 What types of protein bars do you offer?

We offer a wide range of protein bars including low-carb, vegan, high-fibre, and energy-boosting options. Please check our product pages for specific nutritional information.

🌾 Are your flapjacks suitable for vegans?

Our selection includes vegan-friendly options. Look for the vegan label on our product pages and packaging for more details.

🍪 Do any of your biscuits come in gluten-free varieties?

Yes, we offer gluten-free biscuits. Please visit our product pages for detailed ingredient and allergen information.

☕ Are your instant coffee options fair trade certified?

We are proud to offer fair trade instant coffee. You can find more information on our commitment to ethical sourcing on each product page.

🥥 What is the source of your coconut products?

Our coconut products are sourced from sustainable plantations. For full traceability details, refer to the individual product descriptions.

🌶️ Are your spices free from additives and preservatives?

Our spices are pure and free from any additives or preservatives. For more information, please review the product specifications online.

🍇 What types of dried fruit do you offer, and are they sulfite-free?

We offer a variety of dried fruits, including sulfite-free options. Please consult the product page for specifics.

🍫 Is the chocolate used in your products ethically sourced?

Ethical sourcing is important to us, and our chocolate is sourced from suppliers who meet our high standards. For details, see our product information.

🧇 Do your wafers contain any artificial flavours or colors?

Our wafers are made with natural ingredients without artificial flavors or colors. Please check the product label for the most accurate information.

☕ What types of ground coffee do you offer?

Our ground coffee selection ranges from light to dark roasts, including single-origin and blended options. Each product's page has comprehensive details.

🎮 Are coffee pods compatible with all coffee machines?

Our coffee pods are designed to be compatible with a variety of coffee machines. Please check the compatibility information on the product packaging or online description.

☕ How strong is your instant coffee?

We offer instant coffee in various strengths to cater to all preferences. The strength rating is indicated on the product page and packaging.

🌱 Can you tell me more about the origin of your coffee beans?

Our coffee beans are sourced from renowned regions known for their quality coffee. For origin details, please visit the product pages.

🥩 What makes your beef jerky different from others on the market?

Our beef jerky is crafted using traditional methods and is available in multiple flavors. For specific dietary and sourcing information, check the product page.

🐖 Are your pork sticks gluten-free?

We have gluten-free options available. For confirmation, please review the dietary information on each pork stick product page.

🥨 Do your pretzels contain any allergens?

Our pretzels may contain allergens. We recommend checking the product label for detailed allergen information.

📅 How long do your protein bars last before they expire?

Shelf life varies by product. You'll find the expiration date clearly labeled on the packaging.

🌱 Are your products non-GMO?

Many of our products are non-GMO. Look for the non-GMO verified mark on the packaging or product description online.

🍯 What kind of sugar alternatives are used in your nutritional bars?

We use a variety of sugar alternatives, including natural sweeteners like stevia. Details are available on the product's nutritional information label.

🌱 How do I know if a product is organic?

Organic products are labeled accordingly on both our website and the product packaging.

🔢 Can I find out more about the calorie count of your snacks?

Yes, calorie information is provided on all our product labels and online product descriptions.

💪 Do you have snack options for someone with high-protein dietary needs?

Indeed, we cater to high-protein diets with our range of protein bars, nuts, and jerky. Look for the protein content indicator on our product labels.

👶 Are your snacks safe for kids?

We offer a range of kid-friendly snacks. Please check the product labels for age-appropriate recommendations.

☕ How are your coffee products decaffeinated?

Our decaffeinated coffee options use a natural water process, ensuring no chemicals are used. Find out more on our product information pages.

🌍 Do you offer single-origin coffee beans?

We are proud to offer single-origin coffee beans. Specific details about the farms and regions can be found on our website.

🥜 What types of nuts do you offer, and are they roasted or raw?

We offer both raw and roasted nuts in various flavours. Each product's details are clearly stated on our website.